New Circle Media was established in 2022 by Marceline Orallo, a creative enthusiast & military veteran.

Currently, she is a passionate solopreneur with a vision in mind (perhaps, a few visions).

Her main vision is to bring like-minded creatives together where they can explore, grow and thrive without limiting their creative abilities. In essence, she is diverse in multiple creative skills and it's crucial to have the freedom to utilize those skills.

"Creative freedom adds value to the project and the team".

"More importantly, it fulfills one's sense of purpose & fulfillment which in turn, greatly benefits the aforementioned."

Coupled with the power of creative freedom is the power of storytelling which are the very foundations New Circle Media was built on.

"My goal is to bring your story to life by utilizing engaging elements such as key visuals, forward-thinking style, and establishing the overall tone of your project."

There's always a story to tell and it can be told in a variety of mediums & tonalities.

What’s your story?

Allow our creative process to tell yours.